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What Is Tahoe Adventure Trex And Where Did It All Begin?

We actually get asked this question quite a bit. Some of my friends have wondered if Tahoe Adventure Trex was an alter ego for us, if I worked freelance for Tahoe Adventure Trex, or if they needed some type of a subscription or membership to enjoy Tahoe Adventure Trex. So, is there a short answer? Let's see if I can keep it simple.

I usually tell people that Tahoe Adventure Trex is where outdoor-oriented people discover a brutally honest insider's perspective for maximizing their recreational experience, based on what Lake Tahoe, and even places well beyond, have to offer. Now, that can be quite a mouthful. In short, Tahoe Adventure Trex is an excellent source for anyone interested in tapping into the Lake Tahoe lifestyle. Our Lake Tahoe lifestyle includes a multitude of outdoor activities in and around Lake Tahoe, including finding good food, discovering good drinks, and exploring opportunities to escape the crowds to discover their own little slice of our Lake Tahoe mountain oasis.

"Trex", as we originally called it, began years ago as a campfire thought among a few of us out backpacking. I still remember when Andy Carey, Bryan Nance, and I were discussing the potential name. At the time, "Extreme" was big business. Even Taco Bell had an extreme menu. We were doing more than basic "treks", so it seemed fitting for our name to include an "X". Plus, X historically marks the spot where you'll find secret, buried, hidden, treasure.

What better place for a meeting to develop "Trex"?

We spent most of our free time finding treasured spots for backpacking, surfing, hiking, biking, rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding, and basically enjoying the great outdoors. We thought Trex could be a great opportunity to share some of our personal experiences. The personalization would help others greatly appreciate what life has to offer. Life is meant to be lived. And, we were making the most of every opportunity with an almost unquenchable zest for living. Our small group continued to grow with each new tale, often shared over a beer or two. But, what about so many others out there that lived their lives in utter boredom with the day to day doldrums? Maybe our experiences could help others gain an invaluable understanding, as well as an appreciation, for what makes the outdoors truly so enjoyable and life worth living.

Late 1990s Logo Idea. I loved the Photoshop chrome feature.

Well, unfortunately, we all had our own careers taking up the majority of our time. So, Trex went into hibernation. It was always there in the back of my mind. But, careers, relationships, family, and so much more consumed any free time. Eventually, I was forced to stop, look around, and see what my future held. I had the opportunity to sit back, reflect upon my own life, my future, and what was going to be important from then on out. As John Lennon said, "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans.". I let too many plans get in the way of what was really important. Now, there was.a reason for Trex to be a reality.

Reprioritizing my life meant quite a few changes. I was going back to square one for a lot of aspects. So, I took a small step to make Trex blossom towards fruition. I researched to see if there was an Instagram name, a Facebook page, and a website. That was my first step to making that campfire idea a reality. But, Trex needed a little more focus. So, Trex evolved into Tahoe Adventure Trex.

"Once In Awhile You Get Shown The Light, In The Strangest Of Places if You Look At It Right" - Grateful Dead

I still remember visiting Lake Tahoe for the first time back in 1992, then that fateful day in 1997 when I discovered Kirkwood Mountain Resort. I knew that Lake Tahoe would eventually be considered our home. As our home base, Lake Tahoe would be the main focus for Tahoe Adventure Trex. But, I knew that I didn't want it to stop there. Tahoe Adventure Trex would explore Lake Tahoe and beyond.

At first, it was sharing photos with inspiring captions. I wasn't out to change the world. I was really helping myself heal, move forward, and giving myself a reason to live again. Then, I graduated to blogging. But, there was still so much more to pursue. I needed a good following, a logo, and maybe some merchandise to help promote. But, my most important detail was to remain true, so as not to be corrupted by influential outside money or personal greed.

The legendary Tahoe Tessie

Now, Tahoe Adventure Trex serves as inspiration for quite a few people that enjoy their Lake Tahoe getaways in the Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall. We offer travel advice for Lake Tahoe and far beyond. We give real world gear reviews. We share #MadeInTahoe articles highlighting some of our great local products. And, we provide real-time information on the latest conditions for those wanting to enjoy everything that Lake Tahoe has to offer.

Summertime fun means getting in, on, and high above the water.

If you're looking for a brutally honest and informative source for adventures in Lake Tahoe and beyond, then you've found the right spot. I hope to see more people nurture a sustainable appreciation for Lake Tahoe. We're very blessed to call such a magical place home. And, we'll gladly share some of our favorite details with those that can treat our backyard with the admiration and respect it deserves.

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