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(B)Locked Out At Home

What do you do when crowds close many of your recreation facilities?

Is there such a thing as too much snow? It is when Summer recreation facilities are delayed to open.

Summer adventures keep getting harder and harder in Lake Tahoe. There has always been a joke about the two seasons that we have here in Lake Tahoe. We have the snow season and #constructionseason. However, recently the construction problem isn't the only deciding factor for difficult adventures at home. It seems that more and more people are choosing to use Lake Tahoe for their recreation adventures. It also seems that most of these visitors are all descending on Lake Tahoe at the same time of year and to visit many of the same attractions. So, what is a local to do?

Traffic woes in the winter are easily related to the inclement weather. When a road is closed for snow safety, then you can realistically expect difficulty getting up and over the passes. But, you can usually still manage the congestion running around through town. Getting in and out of Meyers might be a hot topic situation. But, that's an entirely different can of worms. Summertime traffic is it's own unique beast. Summer visitors may be subject to the abundance of construction. Obviously, that construction has to take place during our warmer months. But, it also seems that more and more factors are making navigating the streets, recreation outlets, and restaurants around Lake Tahoe almost impossible throughout the Summer.

Pope Beach on a Summer day. This wasn't even with weekend traffic.

There have been many days where we've had to turn around or stay in our own neighborhoods, instead of taking the kiddos or friends to the beach. If you're not at the beach well before the rest of the crowds, then you can expect the parking to be full. Even if you do choose to ride bikes to the beach, then the congestion hazards on the bike path are only just the beginning. Lime scooters are everywhere. And, so are their accident sites. Those accidents are not limited to the bike path. They extend all along our city streets at all hours of the day and night. I've been pretty frightened taking my kids along our community bike paths. Between the inattentive, inebriated, inconsiderate, and inexperienced people populating the bike path, we've often found ourselves deciding to stay in the neighborhood to avoid any potential disasters. Although I do consider my kids to be pretty solid bike riders. I can't always say the same for some of the others "sharing" the bike path.

An accident on August 20, 2019, which delayed me getting home by an extra 2 hours.

Even if you do escape the congestion on the streets and bike paths, don't consider yourself free and clear. On the trails, it can also get pretty hectic. I've had people yell at me for ascending a predominately uphill bike path, because they decided to descend it. I've also had people be downright rude when I alert them that I'm gaining on them while going downhill. Many of our Lake Tahoe trails are multi-use. That means we have to share the trails with hikers, bikers, and equestrians. It really isn't too difficult to comprehend. Uphill traffic has the right of way. then, there's a hierarchy of who is to yield. But, many people ignore those advisories.

It really does get extremely frustrating when we're trying to enjoy our own backyard, but we're locked out of many of our favorite spots. Trust me, we can definitely understand the attraction. There is a reason that we've chosen to live here. But, it really would be nice if we didn't feel like so many of our restaurants, beaches, hiking/biking trails, etc. were so overrun with visitors and unavailable for us to enjoy. Honestly, it's a big reason why so many of our recent adventures have taken us beyond Lake Tahoe and to explore other parts of our beautiful backyard.

As a #blog writer, I may be guilty of hyping up Lake Tahoe. But, I also feel that I present a realistic view and provide a few alternatives to help alleviate congestion. Until then, we'll just have to endure the congestion, rude behavior, etc., and wait for #localsseason. That really is one of the best times to enjoy Lake Tahoe. But, if I share too much of that, then they'll take away my local's card for sure. And, I hear if I survive another year, then I'll be lucky to get a special pin next year.

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